Association’s emblem


  • Tierced with pales in azure, silver and gold, the Coat of Arms of the “Association des familles Morissette Inc.” is surmounted by the chief of the shield that proudly portrays the name of the Association and our family name.
  • The left pale, in azure, represents the Jean Moricet family. The sheaf of wheat is a reminder of Île d’Orléans, QC, where he lived and symbolizes the challenge of the first settlers to cultivate the earth. Some stems in the sheaf form the letter M of the family name.
  • The middle pale, in silver, represents the five descendants of the ancestors who perpetuated the name; each one is represented by a fleur-de-lys that recalls the French origin of their parents and the Québec origin of their descendants.
  • The right pale, in gold, represents Mathurin Morisset family. The three interlaced chevrons represent Cap-Santé, QC, where he lived: they symbolize a cape and recall the parish of Cap-Santé under the protection of the Holy Family and superimposed chevrons form the initials of this ancestor.
  • Under the point of the shield, a listel or banner proudly bears the motto of the Association : “HONNEUR & FIERTÉ”. Honour (honneur) to all who preceded us and pride (fierté) of what we bequeath to posterity.