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Morisset, le film

Morisset, le film, is a 105 minutes film created by François Morissette, assisted by his sister Evelyne Morissette for the text and visual aspects and by his brother Daniel Morissette for the narration.

Papy Morissette tells the history of the Morissette to his grandson, from the arrival from France, passing through Buckland up to Abitibi.

We mentioned the film in La Moricetterie of December 2015 (number 103).

To view the film (in French): Morisset, le film


The genealogy or biography of Morisette ancestors is available on the following sites (in French):

The Association, the Morissettes and their heritage are visible on the following sites:

  • The official site of Association des familles Morissette.
  • The page of Noël Painchaud, a descendant of the ancestors Jean Moricet and Jeanne Choret, which gives a detailed genealogy of his ancestors Painchaud and Morissette.
  • The page of sisters Gisèle et Josette Morrissette, two descendants of ancestors Jean Moricet and Jeanne Choret.
  • The page of Jean-Guy Ouimet whose genealogy covers mainly the families of Beauchamp, Bleau, Bleoo, Hamelin, Lévesque, Malet,Morissetet Turpin.
  • An exceptional site, very detailed on the parents of Jeanne Choret, Mathieu Choret et Sébastienne Veillon.
  • The Société de généalogie de la Beauce where many Morissette are descendant of Geancien Morisset and Geneviève Simon.
  • An exceptional site on Gérard Morisset (1898-1970), Quebec religious art historian.
  • The page of Fondation du patrimoine religieux du Québec gives access to the following items:
    • Île d’Orléans and Ste-Famille church (item III-7) where ancestors Jean Moricet and Jeanne Choret were married and all their children were baptized.
    • the church of Ste-Famille of Cap-Santé (item IV-29) where ancestors Mathurin Morisset and Élisabeth Coquin lived and where almost all their children were baptized.
    • the church of St-François-de-Sale of Neuville (item IV-30) where ancestors Mathurin Morisset and Élisabeth Coquin were married.
  • The old roman church of XIth century of Surgères (photo and history) where ancestor Jean Moricet was baptized in August 18th 1641.


  • The old XVth century thouarsais_eglise where ancestor Mathurin Moricet was baptised on May 9, 1648. The communes of Thoursais and Bouildroux were regrouped in 1827 under the commune of Touarsais-Bouildroux.


  • (In French) Benon’s Abbey (site 1, site 2, site 3) where Hugues Morisset was abbey from 1664 to 1704.
  • An exhaustive list of Historical and genealogical societies and Family Associations.
  • An electronic forum dedicated to information exchange on Morissettes of the world, all spelling included.
  • Electronic forums at Ancestry to exchange information on Morissettes, all spelling.
  • GENEANET geological data bases for each speling variation of the Morissette name.
  • The Odyssey of The Moricet is a historical novel originally written in French by Roger Morissette and published by Les Éditions du Septentrion in 2005, and now translated into English by Hélène Morisset in 2016. It is available through and by searching “Moricet”.