Commemorative plates of Mathurin Morisset

Thouarsais-Bouildroux, France

The commemorative plate to the ancestor Mathurin Moricet/Morisset is made of bronze and measures 40 cm  x 30 cm. It was manufactured by Fonderie D’Art Héritage Inc. of Lévis, Qc. It was unveiled in Thouarsais-Bouildroux on Septembre 15, 2001 in the presence of the mayor Edmond Soulard. It was installed on a wall of the city hall of Thouarsais-Bouildroux, the city where Mathurin Moricet was born in 1648.


Neuville, Québec

The commemorative plate to the ancestors Mathurin Moricet/Morisset and Elisabeth Coquin is made of bronze and was unveiled during the 2002 General Assembly in the presence of about 100 members attending the assembly. The plate is now installed inside the church of Neuville where they got married on January 9, 1690.