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How can I get access to this information?

This information is reserved for members of the Association des familles Morissette. To become a membre, see section Registration.

I don’t have an identifier or password

Every member of the Assocation des familles Morissette have access to this section. If you haven’t received your connection information, communicate with webmestre@morissette.org.

How do I connect?

Use the “Connect / change password” link and then enter your identifier and password and click on “Connect”.

I don’t remember my password

A tool to reinitialise the password is available on the connection page.  Click on “Reinitialisze the password” and follow instructions. You will receive an email with your new password. The webmaster cannot obtain your password.

I want to change my password

Once connected to the site, click “Connect / change password”. You can enter a new password.